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The Laboratory of Optical Properties is the physical space where the Group of Basic and Applied Physics in Semiconductors Material develops research in physics. We develops research in the bellow topics. The main topics are discriminated with detail in Projects.



Experimental Physics

· Photo-acoustics  Spectroscopy

· Reflection Spectroscopy

· Absorption Spectroscopy

· Transmittance Spectroscopy

· Photo-conductivity Spectroscopy

· Hall Measurements

· Electrical Characterization

· Solar Radiometry


Theoretical Physics

· Calculation of Bands Structure in Semiconductors

· Calculation of Electronic, Optical and Thermal Properties in Semiconductors

· Molecular Accumulations Effects in the Optic Transitions of Semiconductors Materials

· Spin Polarization

· Optical and Transport Properties

· Silicon-Germanium Alloys

· Gallium and Alluminium Arsenide

· Gallium and Alluminium Nitrite

· Electric Field Effect in MOSFET Structure

· Diamond-Like-Carbon

· Porous Silicon



· Instrumentation used in Physics and Physics Education

· Instrumentation used in Science and Science Education

· Instrumentation used in Industry